Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How To Win At Sports Betting

Sports Betting has been around for many years now and some people make really good money on it. These people have one thing in common. Every single one of them is using a good betting system ! Without a betting system you will lose money if you betting on sports event.

If you have come this far I know you are interested in Sports Betting in any way. The main purpose if you are a gambler is to make money. The hard part is just that, TO MAKE MONEY.

On internet there is thousands of betting systems and approximately 90-95% is rubbish.

In this article I will talk about one of these betting systems.

The Sports Betting Professor provide a online betting service that promise to win 90% of all the system bets.

On The Sports Betting Professors homepage you will see a picture of his winnings. 89.114.00 USD... That is of course great to see but there is one problem. To win that much money you need to stake 1000-5000$ every time you bet. The "average joe" like you and me doesn't have that kind of money so I think it is ridiculous to have that picture on the site.

The best part of The Sports Betting Professor is that you don't need any knowledge or betting experience at all. Rich (The guy who invented it) is sending out an email every night before a game with suggestions what you should bet on. When you receive the email from Rich you just log in to your betting account and place the bets. It's that simple ! You can of course bet on other matches to if you want but in the beginning my suggest is to follow Rich's emails.

Rich's current won-loss records is unbelievable.

NCAA FootballSeason: 40 Wins - 1 Losses

NFL FootballSeason: 25 Wins - 0 Losses

NBA BasketballSeason: 73 Wins - 2 Losses

I know what you are thinking right now, 40 wins and 1 losses on NCAA, 25 wins and 0 losses on NFL and 73 wins and 2 losses seems a bit strange. How can someone win that often? Let me explain that for you.

The Sports Betting Professor isn't an ordinary betting service. Every bet you will decide to bet on is a system bet. In a system bet there is Bet A, Bet B and Bet C.

You will start at Bet A and if you win you will start over again but if you lose you will walk to Bet B. Let's say you'll lose Bet B also, then you go over to Bet C. If you win Bet C you go down to Bet A again but if you lose Bet C you have lost a system bet.

You will never go any further then Bet C. Your bankroll is the most important thing to think about and if you go further you will lose your whole bankroll...

So The Sports Betting Professor is not "the holy grail". Sometimes you will lose a system bet. But in the long run you will get a nice profit. There is no betting system in the whole world that can win everytime . It doesn't exist. The thing is to make profit in the long run.

The Sports Betting Professor contain 3 systems.

MLB Betting System - This system is Rich's favourite. Many people have a favourite team to bet on. They just throw in 5$ that Arizona is going to win the game. This is crazy to do if you want to make money. Single, straight-bet wagers throughout the MLB season relying on one overriding factor that smart bettors have known about for years. You will find the key to success in this system.

NBA Betting System - In the last 15 years Rich have researched to find a money-making system that will bring you some nice profit over and over again.

NFL Betting System - Also here, Rich have collected data over the last 15 years to find a profitable system to bet on NFL. Pro football is the most popular sport to bet on and there are always a lot of money in stake. I didn't know that there is one bet you should NEVER make in the NFL. There is also a couple of point spreads you should never touch.

Another great thing with this betting system is that you don't need a large bankroll when you start. You can of course start with how much you want but my suggestion is to start of slow and build up your bankroll. This is the safest way to go.

There are surely more complex and complicated betting systems available on the internet, but why should it be so difficult? When you bet on any kind of sport event it should be fun and thrilling. The Sports Betting Professor provide all these features and at the same time it's profitable.

The most pro bettors have a day job. You maybe think that you can quit your job and do this all the time ? In the future it might be possible but not in the beginning of your betting career. Start slowly and build your money up !

My name is RCB and I wrote this article because I want to learn people to win at sports betting. Everyone can achieve success but you need the right tools. Sports betting professor is that tool you need. Go to The Sports Betting Professors Homepage to find out more about this Betting System.